About Us

The inclination to assist mankind to attain its best potential Dr.JDee Ayurveda has been serving first-class items. It all started in 1902 whilst the originator of the enterprise Vaid Raj Vaid Kaser Singh ji assisted his partners with Ayurvedic workplaces and that they ended up being fruitful in restoring with clinical issues. Troubles recognized with absorption, greasy liver, gastric issues, pores and skin get away and zits, PCOD, untimely discharge, bone affliction, heaps, skin sickness (Burnama), Cough, Asthma respiratory issues, Liver Stones, Drug addiction and many more.

The results were mind blowing. Gradually and steadily many people & even organizations began visiting our creator Vaid Raj Vaid Kesar Singh Ji at Village Machhike District Moga for recuperation recognized with medical troubles just as intellectual and intense subject matters.

The act of our originator Vaid Raj Vaid Kesar Singh Ji gained trust which led to help more and more people, corporations internationally. A comparable task is being proceeded from the past 25 years with the aid of his grandson Vaid Jagdeep Singh Ji. Today, we are one of the rising Ayurvedic corporations with 100% quality products. We are proud to mention that we have been serving for more than 119 years now and are aiming to deliver great and certified items to contribute in making everyone healthy on this planet. Our licensed institution makes it certain that every product is treated under the course of Hon'ble Vaid Jagdeep Singh Ji who has succeeded in delivering over 10,00,000 results  throughout the globe.

Let's get together and help us help more people to walk toward a Healthy Lifestyle.